Strand Hotel Fevik wants food to be an experience. We want to offer our guests the little extra that makes every stay an experience exceeding the last. This is why we have developed a food philosophy that is inspired by local history and food ingredients.

The secret of an unforgettable journey in taste rarely contains anything else but fresh, local product.
At Strand Hotel Fevik we source and pick out the very finest local ingredients creating menus which do justice to the quality of the products. We prepare our food in a way that the ingredients’ individual tastes and textures are accentuated rather than covered up. We only use products that are in season, when taste and quality are at its best, taking care not to destroy valuable nutrients, vitamins or minerals. The menu reflects the changing seasons and constantly evolves to bring you the best of our culinary creativity.

The hotel’s surroundings add to the experience. Restaurant Neptun is in the shape of a classic ballroom, with a beautiful sea view, wintergarden and a spectacular ceiling. Neptun will make any meal into a celebration.

Our grand dining rooms ‘Axel Lund’ and ‘Blåsalen’ make for more intimate meals with their warm and cozy atmosphere; and why not end a great meal with a visit to our historical bar, named after one of our famous ‘regulars’, writer Roald Dahl?

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